We expect the future iPad, the bigger iPad Pro to keep some of the design traits of the iPad Air or maybe the previous Apple slates. However, it seems that the slate will be slightly different, judging by the latest leak, shown in the picture below.


Initially this is not supposed to be a leak, since it’s merely a picture from an assembly line, an official picture for that matter. It shows the lid assembly of a MacBook laptop and had us thinking that the iPad Pro may end up looking like this. The image was posted on the Apple Supplier Responsibility webpage, together with other images of employees working on Apple products.

Many were already fooled into thinking it’s a brand new iPad model. It wouldn’t be a shock or a bad thing if the iPad would look like this, because that means we get an excellent great and a very good format, that’s still pretty portable. The analysts are suggesting we could see this product at the end of 2014 or in early 2015 at best.