The iPad Pro is back in the news, the famous 12.9 inch Apple slate now being rumored for release in 2015. We can’t tell if it will be named iPad Pro or not, but for sure it will make big screen slates cool.


A report published this week shows that the new 12.9 inch iPad is in the cards for the next 12 months. Apparently, Apple wants to release the product in the first months of 2015, perhaps bringing us back to a time when they released iPads in March or so. Right now, the Cupertino company offers a 9.7 inch slate and a 7.9 inch model. Bloomberg reports that the new iPad is going to be upgraded to a 12.9 inch screen.

People who swear the info is real asked not to be named in order not to be fired, of course. What’s sure is that Apple has been working with suppliers for over a year now, just to develop such big screen tablets. This is CEO Tim Cook’s effort to shake up the tablet line in Apple’s portofolio, although once again none of it is officially confirmed. Is a productivity-oriented iPad with a large screen a good idea? The comments section awaits below.