Zebra Technologies is going to release today a series of rugged tablets for the workplace, that can take quite a beating. Their new devices can take a 6 foot drop in the air and keep functioning even with gloves on and sprinkled with water.


The ET50 and ET55 are the new slates, intended for people who work in logistics, on construction sites, operate forklifts, please redirect to Forklift Safety Solutions for additional information. The expectation is that these tablets will eventually be dropped on cement floors and they have to survive that. Zebra already has a line of rugged smartphones and they’ve been preparing tablets for the military for years now.

Recent research from Forrester shows that 20% of all tablet sales by 2018 will be for work. Zebra’s tablets have the advantage of also being customizable. It’s true that such devices cost quite a bit, with a starting price of $1800 for the ET50 and ET55 newcomers. The products come with an 8 or 10 inch display, they provide batteries and secondary batteries, with a full day of functioning and offer the option of using Windows 8.1 or Android Lollipop.

The devices are Windows 10 ready and the ET50 brings WiFi, while the ET55 offers 4G LTE. Extra security is also included.