YouTube’s iPad App got a fresh update, that brings it to the modern era and capitalizes on the iOS 9 features. Features like Split View and Slider Over were very much discussed when it came to productivity, but they’re also useful… for fun.


The latest version of YouTube for iOS includes support for both these features, two of the functions in iOS 9 that made it great for tablets. Slide Over lets the user jump straight into other apps temporarily, keeping them handy, while Split View splits the screen in two and lets you run two apps side by side. The good thing here is that you can now watch a YouTube video and write a memo at the same time.

Or you can chat to people on Facebook while watching a video, so that’s also cool. Sadly, the iOS 9 picture in picture mode is not enabled here, but it’ll probably come at a later time. I’m still frustrated my iPad Mini Retina doesn’t have Split View…