Among the producers who are offering semi-rugged tablets for the healthcare industry we also have Motion Computing, company that starting today is owned by the tablet-pc maker Xplore. We get to know that Xplore bought Motion’s assets for $9 million cash, plus the assumption of $7 million in net liabilities. This happens after Square 1 Bank foreclosed on most of Motion’s Computing assets a while ago.


Xplore’s Chairman and CEO said that this acquisition of Motion represented a unique opportunity and together the both companies will address a broader range of products designed for customer needs. The smooth transition between the two companies stays behind the fact that both are based in Austin. In terms of products, Xplore is focused on launching rugged tablets for government institutions, Motion of offering devices for healthcare, construction and public safety.

Basically, this acquisition brings Xplore closer to the healthcare industry. Also, Xplore can use Motion’s international distribution chains in order to sell its products too.