In case you didn’t know there’s an Xbox Smartglass Android app out there, one that sadly only supported smartphones till today. There was a bit of sideloading that got the app to work on other devices, but still the official route is always the best. So, here’s Xbox Smartglass for Android, in a new version, one that requires Android 4.0 and up and takes up 16 MB of space.

The app is available for free and allows you to navigate on your Xbox 360 console via swiping and tapping. You can also use the tablet or phone keyboard to type on your Xbox and browse the web on the console with zooming and full keyboard support. You can play, pause and rewind content on the Xbox, search the catalog of games, music and video, plus enrich your movie viewing experience. Users can change their 3D avatars, message their Xbox friends, edit their profiles and more.

You should keep in mind that the new app only adds support for 7 inch tablets, so no big 10 inch models supported. The update also includes usual bug fixes, related to problems with achievements, settings screens and all that. The app is up for download here.