It appears that Windows 8 has some markets where it’s finally becoming more popular and they’re both in Asia. By the way, this trend goes along with the Windows Phone increase in popularity on the same continent, in China.


It appears that Windows 8 is gaining traction in Korea and Japan, according to Digitimes. Vendors from those countries have recently placed more orders for 8 to 10 inch Windows slates, after strong demand in that region for such devices. Windows 8 slates are said to have increased their share from 3% to 15% of the market in these countries, which is a really good set of figures.

Apparently, a flash based game is to “blame” for all this. An interesting aspect to take into account here is that theoretically Windows Phone is said to have zero market share in Japan, according to Kantar. 2013 ended with Windows 8 holding 2% of the market share worldwide, but 2014 may bring it up to a more decent level.

  • Clive Mclean

    I am experiencing a serious withdrawal from Windows phone 8 as I just reverted to android after almost a year. My desire to own a phone with a front facing cam led me to the acquisition of a Galaxy 3 off unlocked off contract . Three hundred plus dollars later I the pre-eminent android guy misses my basement level Nokia phone like I could never imagine. Those tiles, the intuitive hold ( long press ) anything and get more options, the customization., the ten thousand awesome photo apps, the on and on. I know Ill be plotting my way back to s decent ( front camera) Windows phone.