While Microsoft made a big deal about getting rid of the Start button in Windows 8, now it’s making a big deal of its return. Initial preview versions of Win 8 did have the Start button, but it was left out later on.

start button windows 8.1

Now Windows 8.1 will have that feature included, after popular demand regarding it and people using workarounds to add this function to their platforms. There’s even a new ad focusing on that exact feature, as shown below. The ad also addresses the improved customizability of the Start screen and the side by side Snap view, that allows you to run two apps at the same time.

Since the video is so short, merely 30 seconds, it’s clearly meant for TV. Microsoft doesn’t say that the Start button is back, it only says you can use the Start button to flip back and forth. With slim Windows 8 sales over the past year or so, Microsoft has high hopes for this release, especially when it comes to tablets. Will it deliver?