The WhatsApp app has been ultra popular over the past years, replacing text messages and even calls among cellphone users. Now it’s supposed to be headed to tablets and there’s already proof that Facebook is working on an iPad app. Let’s check it out.

The leaked data comes from the WhatApp tipster WABetaInfo, which has as a hobby or occupation if you will the digging up of WhatApp betas and public builds. The latest WhatsApp desktop 0.2.6968 update seems to include hints about the future iPad release. The tweeted images seem to show a separate set of icons for iOS tablets, but also seem to somehow connect to the WhatsApp desktop service, used via the web browser.

One would say that the Whatsapp iPad app may end up like the WhatsApp web app, or if it uses the Facebook servers to perform another task. The code also hints at changes for the WhatsApp Desktop app in the future. Interestingly, WhatsApp is said to be ignoring Android slates, which kind of make sense, considering that Android tablets have been registering sales drops for many quarters now.

Apple still manages to move 10 million tablets a quarter or so, so they’re clearly the focus of the new WhatsApp app. Yes, I do know that some people have been using Whatsapp on some tablets out there, especially Samsung ones, but we’re talking here about an OFFICIAL and tablet-oriented specific app, one that’s actually made for this format of device, a native one if you will. iPad users do have some workarounds, but they’re not great.

I’m sure we’ll get one by the end of the year.