Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO made the headlines this week, after a gesture and line that would fit in the antics of Steve Jobs or Steve Ballmer, rather than the cool and laid back official. Microsoft’s main man was visiting India, when he ran into two journalists using iPads. What happened next is detailed below.

Nadella said to the two “You need to get a real computer, my friend”. This completes the whole Microsoft attitude towards the iPads, which made the headlines before, when other officials said that Apple copied the Surface Pro with the iPad Pro. Ryan Gavin, General Manager of the Surface line also said that the iPad Pro is a result of Apple copying Microsoft in the 2 in 1 segment.

It’s true that the devices are similar, since they have touchscreens, metal bodies and attachable keyboards, but from that to copying there’s a long way to go. Back to Nadella he claimed at one point that Microsoft and Apple were competing in different segments. Microsoft was mentioned as a tool creator, while Apple was named as the maker of luxury goods.

It’s also true that Satya Nadella was much more polite than Steve Jobs or Steve Ballmer would have been in similar situations. The two I just mentioned are famous for getting angry fast, or even stomping on rival products. It’s also bizarre that Microsoft seemed to move very fast with the Office for iPad, faster than any other Office released, so when it comes to profit they don’t stray from working with competition.