The people of Japan are very traditional and nationalistic about their products and they just love anything that Nintendo or Sony churn out, but even by these standards the new study detailed below is too optimistic. A survey done by Japanese research and news site Sirabee shows that apparently 10.7% of the Japanese population is going to buy a Nintendo Switch.

The study included 1400 people from ages 20 through 60 and found that 10.7% of the populus will buy the console. This would amount to 12 million people taking into account the whole island. The same figures show that males are more interested in the console-tablet than women and that those who had paid money for smartphone games are more likely to buy the console compared to those who haven’t.

A very bizarre question from the same study had to do with “black companies”, those that exploit their workers with unpaid overtime and threats if they quit or don’t perform. Apparently one third of the people interested in buying the Switch work for such a company, so the console could provide them with the needed escape from their overburdened lives.

Also, one third of the potential buyers participate in sports, so people on the go tend to like the new console. Let’s wait till the end of the year and see if these figures are confirmed! I have a feeling they won’t.