While many of us are still dreaming about a Warcraft or Starcraft game for tablets and phones, here we are with the next best thing: a card game inspired by the Warcraft universe. Blizzard has just released Heartsone: Heroes of Warcraft for the Apple tablet in select markets.


This is a free to play digital card game and it can be download and played in Canada, Australia and New Zealand for now. A worldwide release is approaching, so rest assured you’ll get your share of fun. The download is free, but the game has quite a bunch of in app purchases, going as high as $65.

The title requires iOS 5.0 to play, or later and it takes up 480 MB of storage. It works on iPad 2 and later models. Right now the game is a bomb on the PC and Mac, getting over 10 million registered accounts on desktops. If you ever played Magic The Gathering you probably know what to expect here, but the ability list is pretty impressive and both the cards and decks are very nicely rendered.