After hearing that all the iPhone 5c criticism in the press may have been a huge misinformation campaign, we’re very suspicious when other Apple products are deemed unsatisfactory or poor sellers. Wall Street seems to expect that the iPad sales will decline compared to the past year, but is that really so?


We’re talking about the following quarterly announcements from Apple, that may offer us smaller iPad figures than 2013, apparently. Fortune magazine compiled the predictions of 21 Wall Street professionals and 14 amateurs, asking them how many iPads they believe that Apple sold in the first 3 months of this year.

Only a few of them have good predictions. The overall estimate would be around 19.3 million iPads, a 0.7% decline from the same time frame last year. Horace Dediu is more optimistic with 21.8 million iPads and the Braeburn Group’s Matt Lew sees it as dark times for Apple, with 15 million units. Pressure is on for Apple and only a surprise could be good for investors. The company has the good habit of delivering, though…