CES 2012 was a busy event and not only Lenovo, ASUS and Intel had something to showcase, but also the likes of Viewsonic. The company is already a name that people remember when it comes to tablets with affordable prices and good specs. This time, Mike Holstein, ViewSonic VP takes us on a demo that was caught on camera below and done for TechCrunch.

ViewSonic brought both Android and Windows tablets at CES, in case you’re wondering, so no discrimination here. ViewPad 10e and the ViewPad e70 are the new Android slates, with the former packing a 10 inch IPS screen and a very light body overall. This model runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread on top of a single core 1GHz Cortex A8 CPU and the price tag here is $279, so it’s affordable. Next up is the smaller E70, a 7 inch Ice Cream Sandwich slate with a $169 price tag, a single core 1GHz CPU and 4GB of storage.

On the Windows side of things we have the ViewPad 10pi, equipped with Windows 7 and priced at $849. That’s a bit steep, but for this amount you get an Oak Trail processor, 64GB SSD and the ability to also boot Android. Tempted by any of these products?