We’ve talked about ViewSonic ViewPad tablets before, so why stop now? These slates have been showcased at CES 2012 among a lot of other devices with similar diagonal, but stronger specs and bigger prices. The ViewPad 10e model is supposed to come to the USA soon enough, so retailers have started publishing presale pages. One of them is Amazon with a pretty hot offer.

Amazon posted a $400 price point for the 9.7 inch tablet, that also comes with a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and Android 2.3 with SPB Mobile Shell 3D on top. J&R offers the same device for $300 and before you jump into this transaction stop for a minute and remember that the HP TouchPad went for $100 at some point, while the Amazon Kindle Fire costs $200, there’s an ASUS quad core slate with a7 inch display and $250 price tag (coming soon) and the HTC Flyer and PlayBook also suffered huge price reductions.

In the current market is there any room at all for ViewSonic, considering that Archos has also become mildly popular? Have your say in the comments section…

  • Viewsonic is a bit 2010’ish for the hardware they are offering. Archos starts to offer IPS screen and dual-core TI OMAP processors for about the same money.
    If Viewsonic wants to stay on the market, they have to offer a better deal for their tablet prices….