I remember we reviewed the OG Galaxy Note 10.1 sometime last summer, so the waiting time for the LTE version has been huge to say the least. Now it appears that Verizon is ready to launch the 4G LTE tablet on March 7th, which is tomorrow.


The carrier has already announced and confirmed that, after employees leaked the info and the device appeared on Verizon’s retail employee intranet site. Also, you should know that several Verizon retail stores have been socking accessories like screen protectors for the tablet’s debut. For those of you who don’t know, the Galaxy Note 10.1 was unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2012, so a year ago, taking Samsung and its partners a year to get to the LTE version.

Similar delays, if not bigger have been found with the 4G BlackBerry PlayBook, but the maker of the device had an excuse, since it was in full transition. Imagine how long it will take the Galaxy Note 8.0 to also reach the market, if it gets the same treatment… sad, right?