We’ve finally managed to get hold of an iPad 2 WiFi 16GB unit to unbox for you. The packaging is pretty simplistic, with the box not even revealing that it has an iPad 2 inside and sticking with the iPad marking. At the inside we find the product, wrapped in plastic for protection, its charger and the cable needed to connect the device to the PC or Mac.

Also on the inside we find a tiny manual and a sticker with the Apple logo on it. The device is sleek and quite thinner and lighter than the first iPad and something we can notice immediately is the presence of a camera at the front and another one at the rear, very discretely integrated.

The only thing I didn’t like about the iPad 2 are its lock/mute key and volume key, that feel pretty rigid and they’re hard to reach, since you don’t seem them if you’re facing the screen of the tablet. Other than that, the display is incredible, the interface is fluid and everything seems to work perfectly. We’ll be back with more info in the full review.