After a long period of being criticized, the Microsoft Surface Pro has more serious issues than that, this time with supplies. While some Microsoft fans hoped that the supply issues were caused by huge demand and sales of the device, that may not be the cause here. The product has already sold out in many locations and online, as you’re probably aware.

Surface Pro ad screenshot_0

In order to kill all the rumors that the tablet is selling well, the folks of Ad Duplex are reporting regarding the tablet’s market share and comparing it with other Windows 8 and Windows RT slates. The Surface RT greatly surpasses the Surface Pro in percentage with 96% to 4%, so we’re clearly not dealing with a hit here. The reason for lack of stock is obviously insufficient supply, not some case of huge sales.

This is almost the mirror image of the Surface RT debut, that started off with similar problems. However, that product was deemed appealing by a large segment of reviewers and some area of the public was excited by it. In the case of the Surface Pro both reviewers and the public don’t seem quite happy with the product. AdDuplex reports based on usage data accumulated from 132 Windows Store apps running the AdDuplex SDK over the period of 24 hours (February 15th).