Apple is supposed to have already started working with TSMC, as a manufacturing partner for its quad core A8 chips. The rumors about the partnership between Apple and this company have been going on for years, so they were bound to materialize.


It appears that TSMC aka Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co is producing chips for Apple, or better said the A8 processor for the 2014 iPhone. In the typical Apple fashion, this CPU, a quad core 64 bit unit most likely could make it to future slates like the iPad Pro or the next iPad Air. All the info comes from local sources, like the Taiwanese publication Commercial Times.

TSMC has gained most of the orders for Apple’s next mobile processor and they’re moving their business from Samsung to this partner. We’re taking all of this with a big grain of salt and so should you, I guess. There was a report in January saying that TSMC was ramping up production of its 20 nm chip making process in order to build the A8 CPU.