After the debut of Office on iPad, here’s another piece of software you’ll be happy to have on your Apple slate. I’m talking about Adobe Lightroom Mobile for iPad, that has been offered on the Apple device starting today.


This is the iPad version of the famous professional desktop photo management and editing software, that unlike Lightroom 5 requires a Creative Cloud subscriber to use it. Lightroom 5 is the only pro level photography app from Adobe that can be purchased as a standalone perpetual license for $149, without a Creative Cloud subscription.


Lightroom 5.4 is an update that offers interoperability with Lightroom Mobile and it’s only available via Creative Cloud. The cheapest way to get both is to pay $9.99 a month through the Photoshop Photography Program, that includes Photoshop CC and a public website via the Behance portofolio program. Lightroom Mobile offers editing features, sharing and organizing functions.

There are 4 simple controls at the bottom of each image: Filmstrips, Adjustments, Presets and Crop Control. The app works on iPad 2 and higher devices running iOS 7 or later. You can download it here.