Remember the TCL triple screen foldable phone? It was showcased a while back, at Computex if I remember correctly and now it’s back. It’s still a prototype, it feels like an accordion, but some of the concepts it tackles make sense.

It’s no Galaxy Fold or Huawei Mate X, as it proposes a brand new paradigm. It also reminds me of the fact that Xiaomi had a triple screen phone popping up in January this year, in leaks and they’ve yet to show any sign of it. In the case of TCL, we seem to be dealing with a format similar to the Galaxy Fold’s, but with an extra screen. The hinge looks rather similar for the main part of the device, but the secondary hinge seems more low key.

I see that the CNET editor is rather shy about closing and opening the device and there’s a bit of a crease on the part where the hinge is less prominent. What surprises me is that the foldable isn’t very thick when totally closed. Interestingly, the hinges move in different directions. The DragonHinge folds in, while the Butterfly Hinge folds out.

There’s a zigzag pattern being created, with a “Z” shaped silhouette as the result. TCL is no small name, as over the past years they’ve taken over the Alcatel and BlackBerry brands. They are also known for affordable TVs and now they’re trying foldables. The tri fold phone from TCL is rumored to sport specs like a 10 inch screen, 4 rear cameras, a front facing shooter, USB C port and a nifty iridescent finish.

It’s a long way from being finished, though…