Interestingly, every two weeks or so we see a new tablet for children, although we have no idea if this segment is successful or not. We have no sales numbers and no clear market share, so on paper it should be a good business if products keep coming up. However, today we learn that one of the biggest names in the biz, Fuhu has been acquired.


Toy maker Mattel has purchased Fuhu, the creator of the Nabi tablet series for children, with business and assets included. Fuhu had previously filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy, but thanks to the buyout, it will continue to work as before. The Nabi slates will offer access to the content in the Nabi Shop and App Zone and Fuhu also promises that product warranties won’t be affected.

You may still be able to buy the Nabi tablets at the Walmart and Amazon stores, no problem with that. Nabi’s sale to Mattel is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2016, so things could change by then. Mattel being the toy giant it is, could invest serious money into Fuhu and maybe make the Nabi series even better.