Early this year Toshiba showed the world some prototypes of its 13.3 inch and 7.7 inch new tablets and now the smaller model has reached the FCC for testing. The device will most likely be called Excite 7.7, but right now it goes as the Toshiba AT270. We’re dealing here with a slate that rocks the Nvidia Tegra 3 quad core CPU and measures 0.3 inches in thickness.

Seen at both MWC 2012 and CES 2012, this model will apparently be priced at $500 and it will also get a 10 inch and 13.3 inch version. June 10th is when the product will hit the market, using an AMOLED display, a microSD card slot, microUSB port and camera placed in the upper right corner. The display supports a 1280 x 800 pixel resolution and rumors say that the Excite versions will replaced the Thrive units. The model shown at CES had wide viewing angles and a back made of aluminum.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if Toshiba’s 7.7 inch slate performs as well as the Galaxy Tab 7.7, that was really nice to use when we tested it. The display was also incredibly crisp, which is what we expect on the Toshiba Excite 7.7 as well.