Another player enters the E Ink tablet field, this time with a device that runs on Android. It’s the Dasung Not-eReader, that has just started crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Unveiled in September, the product is up for preorder right now.

We’re dealing with a device that sports a 7.8 inch E Ink display, that can be used as a black and white monitor for the PC or Android phone, aside from being a regular tablet. The product ships in March 2019, with a list price of $499. Those who backed the project via crowdfunding will be able to reserve one such device for a sum between $369 and $439, depending on when they joined the campaign.

The tablet offers a 1872 x 1404 pixel resolution with a 300 pixel per inch density. It has a 5300 mAh battery and a quad core CPU of unknown origin. Rounding up the specs list are 2 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage. There’s WiFi here, as well as Bluetooth, an audio jack and the touchscreen display is front lit. You can also adjust its color temperature to warmer or colder.

The OS of choice is Android 6.0 and in spite of the black and white approach, every app is supported. Not e-reader has an extra advantage: improved screen refresh rate that makes it handle video playback. In spite of the name Not e-reader, you can actually use it to read books, documents, magazines and more. Dasung is also preparing a larger model, the PaperLike Pro, with a 13.3 inch touchscreen, of course E Ink as well.