This week we’ve heard that the next-gen iPad could be called the iPad 2 plus, instead of simply the iPad 3 and now we have another name for the product: iPad HD. The reason behind this name could be a display with a huge resolution, just like recent speculations have said.

This is my next is claiming that the iPad HD will feature a screen with a 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution, double the current pixels on the iPad 2. This move is quite a logical one, since the iPhone 4 also doubled the resolution of the iPhone 3GS when it came out (960 x 640 compared to 480 x 320). The iPad HD could do the same thing and this double resolution could mean that developers will find it tough to make apps for the new tablet.

However, it seems that this iPad model will be a “pro” version of the iPad 2 and not the iPad 3… This model will be aimed at a high end market, although that seems less likely. Supposedly, the new iPhone will be announced at the same time with the iPad HD and it will most likely feature a dual core CPU. September is the month when we might witness both announcements.

  • Deian Stancu

    No, I don’t think that 2048×1536 is going to be the resolution. It is too big for 9.7″, imagine how much memory will need for displaying the charcaters, textures and icons. Imagine the CPU power needed for computing, and there’s no A6 on the horizon…..

    It will be more like 1600×1200 max……