Like the manufacturer of the chips suggested, the new applications based on the latest generation CPU’s have started to penetrate the PC market. Dell has broght an updated version of an already great product – the XPS 12 now including the newest Core i5 CPU.


Intel has advised manufacturers to start working on new tablets and hybrid devices supporting the Haswell Core i architecture that allows for fanless designs and great performance. These Intel chips are also capable of providing great battery life an represent a real threat to the ARM based configurations.

The latest Dell XPS 12 ultrabook comes with the same highly appreciated design as the predecessor, including the aluminum lined hinge and flipping touchscreen. The base is made of carbon fiber for a very light and durrable design. Coupled with the Intel Core i5 Haswell CPU, able to increase the battery life to 9.5 hours, the XPS 12 may be one of the most attractive devices in its category. It will begin shipping on June 9th for $1,200 in most regions and running Windows 8.