It appears that not only the global market and the Chinese tablet market have registered drops in the first months of 2015, but also the Indian slate market. A CyberMedia Research covering India’s quarterly tablets market, shows a serious decline.


The shipments of tablet PCs in India have dropped in the first quarter of the year, by 14%. They reached 1.03 million units in that time frame, with the reason being the lack of differentiation in products on the market. Around 1.2 million slates were shipped in the October-December quarter in 2014, according to the same Cybermedia Research study.

Samsung is leading the pack in the first quarter of 2015, with 19.7% share in India, followed by local player Datawind, with 12.7% and Micromax with 9%. Models with broadband access enabled stood for 60% of all the shipments, meaning Indian users like to take their content consumption on the go and also web browsing, even without a WiFi hotspot nearby.

What does it take for the Indian tablet market to get back on its feet?