The tablet market continues its contraction, that began in Q4 2014 and has now reached a new level. In Q2 2015 there were 44.7 million units shipped worldwide, a 7% decrease from the 48 million units shipped in the same quarter last year.


The big 3 slate makers have kept their places on the market, albeit with serious drops. Apple is still first, Samsung second and Lenovo’s third. IDC claims that the little hardware innovation has to with the tablet market decline. Apple and Samsung had their numbers serious affected, as their smaller rivals picked up the pieces. Apple lost 3.2% points of the market share, reaching 24.5%, while Samsung dropped 1%, reaching 17%.

Since the drop is smaller, the gap between the South Korean company and the US one has shrunk. Apple and Samsung accounted for 45% of the market in Q1, but now they’re more like 41%. Lenovo continues to gain share, increasing 0.6% and hitting a 5.7% market share. Huawei and LG also gained 0.8 and 1.1 points, reaching around 1.6% of the market. Windows 10 will probably reshape the landscape a bit…