Tablet PC shipments grew last year in India, with 13%, in order to reach 4.4 million units. Low cost device makers Datawind and Pantel were the top players in this segment, according to a CMR study.


Government purchases boosted the entire segment, it seems and the top 5 tablet PC brands got 66% of the market share. A total of 66 brands are operating in India in this segment, but towards the year end, only 18 were selling their devices. Datawind leads the market, with 24% share, followed by Pantel, with 17%. iPad sales decreased 22%, shows the same report.

Convertibles are trending in India too, with detachable keyboard models garnering a lot of interest. Android was the favourite public’s choice, with 92% of the market opting for that, while Windows rose by 1%, to get to 3%. 4G tablets stood for 7% of the total models shipped. 2016 is expected to be a challenging year, as the industry evolves, without exactly growing.