We’ve only been hearing bad news about the tablet market lately, spelling doom and gloom for the segment, but there’s still hope for a rebound. At least that’s what IDC’s latest study shows and it’s all thanks to detachables.


This sub segment accounts for 16% of the market right now, but it’s expected to go to 31% in 2020. A rebound for all tablets will happen in 2018, when the life cycle of many modern slates will be over and people may want novelty. The kids and the elderly will receive the older slates, or they’ll be relegated to “second tablets”.

Growth is expected to happen in the segment 2 years from now and 2 in 1 devices will lead the charge. Apple, Google and Microsoft have already been active in this niche, which is actually now more than a niche, but rather a solid and self sustained business. All of this will help Windows grow and iPads find their turnaround.

IDC expects over 100 million tablets to ship annually through 2020. Models like the Amazon $50 slate will be driving force behind these numbers, after Amazon already grew its sales in huge amounts thanks to such devices.