The story about Tabco maybe being Nokia has become a weekly issue for us and now we have yet another episode of this speculation series. This time, the official WeAreTabCo account had to answer a question about whether or not it is Nokia. Their answer was: “maybe”, which is always closer to yes than no these days.

We remind you that Tabco is behind a massive viral campaign, that at some point even included a plane writing on the sky some Apple-taunting lines and that happened close to the WWDC 2011 location. Also, a skyscraper was recently hijacked to display the launch date of the Tabco tablet: 15 August 2011. We still don’t know anything about the slate, aside from the fact that it doesn’t run Android, it doesn’t feature buttons on the front side and it’s not an iPad.

Some say that this could be Microsoft material, but the general opinion is that this is a MeeGo Nokia tablet. How about a Windows 8 tablet made by the Finns? Since Nokia is the kind of company to use the N8 phone and a projector to show movies on an entire block of buildings, they could pull the same stunt with a new tablet.