When the seller of a tablet tells you that it’s faster than a rivaling product, it’s wise not to believe them. But when a best selling product such as the iPad 2 is the device that’s being surpassed, one gets curious… T-Mobile is claiming that the G-Slate tablet is no less than 200% faster than the iPad 2.

Also, the device is supposed to be 300% faster than the Motorola Xoom, believe it or not. These details are listed on a new page on T-Mobile’s USA website. T-Mobile compares its 3D device with units from AT&T and Verizon, the iPad and Xoom respectively. The real appeal of the G-Slate is in fact the price, since you’ll pay $399.99 with a 2 year contract for a 3D tablet.

You can also pay $599.99 off contract, making the G-Slate quite a hot option. Meanwhile, the 3G iPad 2 is $729 with 32GB of storage, while the Xoom is $599.99 on contract or $800 without it. As far as the sped claims goes, tests conducted in two cities were quoted: New York and Seattle. 30 locations and 5 repetitions of tests unveiled that the 4G HSPA+ speed of the G-Slate beats the Xoom and iPad hands down.