A famous Microsoft leakster managed to spill the beans on the upcoming Surface tablet plans. We already knew there was a Surface Mini in the making, but now we get extra juicy hints regarding the Surface 3.


The third gen Surface slate will come just in time for the holiday quarter this year and it will be powered by the freshly announced Tegra K1, NVIDIA’s beast of a chipset. The CPU has 192 Kepler graphics cores and a new CPU, that simply demolishes all the benchmarks right now. Microsoft is also working on that Surface Mini device with 7 or 8 inch display.

Windows 8.1 brought support for such diagonals and OEMs are ready to work with such designs. The Surface tablets are supposed to be a summed up version of the best of the best in the tablet and some of the best models with W8 we have right now are 8 inchers, so that’s got to count for something. Surface Mini is also said to get a Full HD screen and air gesture control.