The usual leakster @evleaks is at it again, this time leaking software, not hardware. He posted a screenshot of an app called Storyteller, that will be available for Windows Phone and Windows 8.


Apparently, Nokia is involved here, since the app with its Live Tile interface is supposed to have been captured on the screen of the Nokia Bandit. The Bandit is known as the Lumia 1520 in other rumors and it’s expected to come next month during an event in Abu Dhabi. This is a photo album application, that lets users to go through images by timeline, favorites and shared.

You can also browse the images on a map and if you have a glance at the top right of the app you’ll see a My Tablet menu, so we get tablet support. By the way, @evleaks also mentions the Sirius tablet as a platform for this app to run on. October 22nd can’t come soon enough…