Fresh information from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners shows that the iPad Air has topped the iPad sales during December 2013. 41% of all iPads sold in that time frame were iPad Airs, while 25% were non Retina iPad Minis.


The iPad Mini with Retina Display only registered 16% of the sales, while the iPad 2 had a dismal performance, with only 5% of the sales. Back in December 2012, the iPad 2 stood for 27% of the iPad sales. The previous gen iPad with Retina screen took 13% of sales. For the past year the iPad 2 got one quarter to one third of the iPad sales, but now its flame is becoming extinguished.

Meanwhile, the Apple average iPad selling price has fallen over the past years. It has dropped $96 between Q4 2012 and Q4 2013 and as of the last quarter of the past year the average selling price for an iPad is $439. Will it be even lower next year I wonder…