With Sony Tablet S and Tablet P official during the IFA 2011 preview event, it’s now time for a brief hands on experience, one that’s shown in the video below. What we can see here is the Honeycomb Sony device pretty much doing nothing but staying in the web browser, if I’m not mistaking.

The comparison with the iPad 2 is a pretty brief one and focuses more on the thickness of the two products, with the winner being of course the slim Apple unit. I’m not a very big fan of that folded magazine design of the Sony Tablet S and the buttons on its side seem pretty hard to reach, if you ask me.

Also. I consider Honeycomb a not so mature OS and look forward to see how Sony customized it and what they brought as extras. The display looks great though and I sure hope that that wasn’t the maximum brightness on it, or else we have a problem. We’ll be back with more details on this newcomer straight from IFA 2011 in the following hours!