As you know, we here at Tablet News aren’t afraid to call tablets for what they are… like the Galaxy Tab 2 models that we always criticize or the Sony Tablet S that we find to be ugly and useless. Launched with Honeycomb and a ton of bugs, the device has now received Android 4.0 ICS and you can see the Tablet S in action below with the new software.

Sony also added some unique features to Ice Cream Sandwich, not that we wanted any of them. Android 4.0 lets you access notifications from the lock screen of the slate, so you’ll be able to swipe to dismiss them and you’re also allowed to jump straight to the camera app, if that’s what you want. A Panoramic photo mode is also included and in case you wonder what exactly Sony changed, well, it’s the multitasking. Said feature now  has a more desktop-like functioning mode.

The calculator, browser and remote control apps have been tweaked in order to be shown as small windows that can be dragged in an out of the view. An example is a situation when the user is listening to music via the music app and can bring up the remote controls in a separate window and drag them where they please. This reminds me of the  “dock” area at the bottom of the screen on TouchWiz tablets. You can also pin windows to the side of the screen or minimize them if you want.

Other than that it’s pure Android 4.0 ICS stock experience and more info is found in the video below: