ASUS Transformer Prime has recently been in the news more because of its GPS dongle than anything else… Now the Transformer Pad 300 has started to get raving reviews and everyone seems to love it, even if it’s just a cheaper Prime, if you want. Now, the Prime and Pad 300 have been put to the benchmark test and the comparison’s results can be seen below.

Both models have a Tegra 3 quad core processor, 1GB of RAM and Android 4.0 ICS as the OS. The Prime is better, but the question is whether or not this model is worth the extra $120. As far as tests go, Quadrant, a benchmark measuring CPU, RAM, write speed and 2D/3D graphics showed a score of 4338 points for the Prime and 3993 for the cheaper slate. AnTuTu, another popular benchmark on Android registered a score of 10,863 points for the Transformer Prime and 9.421 for the TF300, so once again the higher priced model wins.

Finally, CF-Bench an app that testes MIPS performance and Java rendering among many others made the Transformer Prime once again the winner with 12,640 points versus 10,554. So, there you have it folks, something that we already could have guessed: the original quad core tablet and actually the first on the market is better than the cheaper one. Of course, benchmark’s aren’t always reflected in every day use, so you won’t feel any model lagging in comparison with the other. If you ask me, both are great choices, since there aren’t too many ICS quad core tablets out there and certainly not at the great priced of the Pad 300…

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    1. Well , the scores only prove that quadrant is gingerbread which not reliable.