After severing its Vaio PC arm, now Sony is getting rid of the e-book segment, by transferring its accounts and purchases to big e-reader player Kobo. This is not a huge shock, seeing how Sony never actually made it big in the e-reading business.


Amazon is the dominant force here, with the occasional share increase from Barnes & Noble and a few more minor rivals. The Reader digital storefront for purchasing e-books will be shut down from next month in the US and Canada and owners of Sony Readers will have their libraries curated by Kobo. This company works on iOS and Android devices, as well as Android hardware.

By the way, the Kobo Android will ship preinstalled on the latest Xperia devices, as part of the deal between the two companies. Sony hasn’t revealed how users can switch their content over to Kobo, but they will be sending an email to their users to let them know ahead of the March dead end date.