It’s not only Amazon and Barnes & Noble who are dueling on the e-reader market, but also Sony, with their new touchscreen eReader model available for $130. That’s $30 higher than a Kindle Touch or Nook Simple Touch e-reader, but the appeal here is that Sony doesn’t need ads to support its products and bother the customers.

Of course, you can get a Kindle without ads for $139 and a Nook for $99, but let’s see what else Sony has to offer on the PRS T-2. Compared to the T1, this model brings touch sensitive buttons below the screen instead of physical buttons. Sony also bundles here the first Harry Potter book, only with the black version of the e-reader. Know that there will be red and white models as well. What Sony worked on in this case are the improved zooming and page turning and they also added the ability to save passages to Facebook and Evernote.

The rest of the specs stay the same, more or less: a 6 inch 600 x 800 pixel E Ink display, infrared touchscreen, 1.3GB of storage, microSD card slot with support for up to 32GB of extra storage. The eReader supports famous formats such as EPUB, PDF and TX and also works with Adobe’s DRM. One can read books they bought both via the Sony Reader Store and the Nook Sotre and even other stores, all with Adobe DRM support. Finally, this new eReader comes with an included stylus for text highlight and note taking.

You get 2 months of battery life from this gizmo, with 30 minutes of use per day.