It appears that more and more indie tablet and e-reader makers are betting on e-paper and e-ink for their devices. The reMarkable is one such machine, an e-paper tablet, that’s ready to debut on August 29th. Let’s see what it’s all about.

Basically what you’re getting here is a Kindle replacement or a digital notebook made to imitate writing on paper as faithfully as possible. The company behind the product has been working for years to augmented the capabilities of e-paper displays, tweaking the hardware and software as much as possible. Lower latency in touch and response, natural writing and excellent visibility were all goals here.

What reMarkable did especially well was halve the latency of the latest e-paper displays, going down to about 55 milliseconds. There’s also a Wacom-style passive pen in the mix, with tilt and pressure support and also it provides a special layer support for documents. The resulting slate is all black and white and it’s able to work with sketches and documents, as a real ledger or notebook would.

11.000 such units are shipping on August 29th and as it usually happens with such good ideas, crowdfunding was the way to go. Specs include a 10.3 inch monochrome screen, a 1 GHz ARM A9 CPU, a 3000 mAh battery and 8 GB of storage. You can preorder one now at 33%, taking down the price to $479.