We know about the ASUS TF300 and TF700 and their evolved versions, but the name TF500T doesn’t quite ring a bell. This is the device that’s just popped up at the FCC, remaining a total mystery for us. All we know is that it has WiFi b/g/n, HDMI and a microphone.

Taking into account the naming scheme we could be dealing with a mid-end tablet, somewhere between the TF300 and TF700, so maybe it’s got that new Tegra 3+ chipset, that would also bring the desired 3G/4G connectivity, without requiring a Qualcomm CPU and connectivity chipset. Speculations say that this is in fact yet another Windows 8 tablet, but I tend to believe one of Engadget’s comments, saying that this is in fact a surprise 7 inch tablet with keyboard dock.

This format hasn’t really been exploited till now and if there’s any company to do it, then that’s ASUS, with their crazy risks and formats, that pay off. Of course, it could be a pairing of the two theories: Windows RT on board and 7 inch keyboard dock format. What do you make of this leak?