Lately, the number of leaks with the new iPhone 6/iPhone Air smartphone are coming almost every day on the web. This time we have the opportunity to take a little look on some alleged iPhone 6 cases that reveals a new button configuration. It seems that these cases are coming in two different sizes, one for the 4.7 inch model, and another for the 5.7 phablet version of the next iPhone generation.


Looking at the picture below we notice a new button on the right side of the device just above the nano-sim card slot. Even if most of us think that this new button may be the power/unlock one, it seems that the standard one it’s still present on the top of the device.


These cases could reveal usual attempts by case companies to guess what Apple plans to launch, or maybe they’re revealing the real design of the device. We also think that this new button could be a dedicated one for the photo camera.