After seeing so many stats that show a pretty weak start of 2017 in the tablet area, now we get to see some figures showing that in Western Europe the slate tablets remain on top, or at least they did last year. Over 23 million slates were moved in Western Europe last year and more figures are revealed below.

The info comes from the International Data Corporation (IDC), that analyzed PC and tablet shipments in that region. Slate tablets are also predicted to have the highest number of shipments till 2021, but their total numbers will register declines each year. In 2017, almost 2 million less tablets of the kind will be moved. Compensating is another segment here, the one of ultraslim notebooks and detachable tablets.

The ultraslim notebook shipments reached only 9 million in 2016, being the fourth most shipped PC or tablet kind in Western Europe that year. IDC estimates that the number will increase to 13.9 million by 2021, when the products will be ranked second only to slate tablets. Detachables will rise in big fashion, so after a 2016 with 4.6 million models shipped, the number will get to 7.4 million in 4 years.