The political party Shiv Sena in India has given tablets to class VIII students in Mumbai, as part of a program to reduce the weight of the youngsters’ schoolbags. Uddhav Thackrey, the party president is shown below distributing the slates.


All of the world, students and pupils suffer from a variety of problems associated to heavy schoolbags. Best case scenario they’re just back aches, but in the worst case they can turn into chronic spine problems. The first batch of 400 tablets was distributed yesterday to the class VIII students at the Balmohan Vidyamandir school in Mumbai.

The tablets come preloaded with the school syllabus and are meant to make learning easy and ensure that the students don’t carry heavy bags to school. The devices are manufactured by a Mumbai-based e-learning firm and they’re meant to offer text, audio visual content and animation to make the learning process easier. Each chapter of content comes with a series of tests.

These slates come as a response to a 12 page study showing that 58% of students below 10 years of age suffer from orthopaedic ailments caused by heavy school bags.