In spite of the fact that in 2013 every analyst predicted that the future would belong to smaller tablets, it appears that in 2014, that trend is not very clear. It would appear that there’s expectation of a drop in this market now…


The info comes from market observers and an analysis of demand. 56% of tablet vendors’ sales will come from the 7 to 8 inch segment this year, down from 70% last year. This means that 2013 was actually a peak year for domination of smaller slates. The reason for the drop? Smartphones are getting bigger, cheaper and more popular.

Every big manufacturer has gone crazy with those 6 inch handsets, that they like so much. Some even go up to 7 inches, although those are not phones anymore. Taking advantage of the drop in market, manufacturers will orient themselves towards the newfound large tablet trend, with 11 to 13.9 inch models coming.