Amazon is prepared to give the Kindle Fire a follow-up already and supposed Quanta Computer has already received the order for the next 7 inch tablet generation. The info comes from Chinese paper Apple Daily, that confirmed the already placed orders for the Amazon Kindle Fire 2.

Last I heard, Amazon was struggling to meet the demand for the first Kindle Fire and it estimates that around 5 million units of the first slate will be sold. The device is seen as a future huge success and an unit that will be very hot at Christmas time. After all, it’s not every day that you get a customized Android experience on a 7 inch device for a mere $200.

Some might argue saying that the TouchPad from HP costs less and it gets the ported version of Honeycomb. Plus, the HTC Flyer has become a lot cheaper lately, so there are plenty of options nowadays. Don’t be surprised if the next Amazon Kindle tablet will be a quad core one!