The idea of devices with foldable displays has been toyed with by several manufacturers over the past years, without palpable results. We only saw a few prototypes here and there, with Samsung at the forefront of this innovation. Today we learn that they’re working on a project having to do with bendable display controls.


Late last year one of Samsung’s officials claimed that the company would launch by the end of the year 2015 products with foldable displays. Samsung has been working on such devices, with foldable or flexible cases for years now. In the sketch above one of the applications of the bendable surface is shown, with the device’s folding bringing up a photo editing menu.

The official documents and patents talk about bending sensors mounted onto the device and Samsung filed the patent application back in July 2014, it would appear. Samsung also notes that its bending controller will apply to host applications related to media editing, playing music and games. With the Galaxy Note Edge having a curved screen part, is the next version going to have a foldable part to pull at for certain actions?