Over the past weeks we’ve seen Samsung getting patents for an iMac-like design, for a PadFone-style device and now a new tablet and smartphone design are also granted as patents to the South Koreans. The bulk of the new patents includes a new handset, 3 speaker designs, a new tablet backside and a smartphone UI design.


The slate part interests us the most, since it involves a baffle in order to better handle heat build-up. The heat vents are placed on the side and seeing so much cooling makes me think about a powerful Windows 8 tablet, maybe one with a Haswell CPU inside. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 devices have been far from impressive, so Samsung has to launch a flagship tablet before the year is out.

They’re not working with Windows RT anymore, while a Windows 8 slate will be too expensive. The newcomer has to be a kickass device, especially since there are rumors that ASUS is working on the next Nexus 10, so Sammy has to once again win Google’s appreciation. Of course, if the rumors are real…