Samsung has found a way to make multitasking on the Galaxy Note 10.1 even cooler, as shown in the video below. They’ve just teased the Premium Suite that comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. By the way this update has already taken off in some parts of the world, so let’s have a look at the cool features you can get on your 10.1 inch slate with the new S Pen on board.

The Premium Suite now allows you to open up to 16 apps at a time, each of them being able to be moved, resized and pinned to remain on top of the screen. There’s also the addition of Samsung’s Air View, that comes within the Premium Suite and allows users to preview appointments, email, video and more, simply by hovering the S Pen above the display. Other new features include Easy Clip, Quick Command, Photo Note, Paper Artist and an enhanced version of S Note.

There are 9 templates to have fun with in S Note and there’s a nifty paper transition effect included this time, with a very cool look. I bet that Apple may feel the need to exercise its patent for page turning on this occasion. Easy Clip is all about clipping content from the screen and opening it up in a number of apps, especially the scrapbook. More details in the vid below: